Down in the channel the tide inhales and
seaflowers fixed ‘gainst the suck and swirling
rush, wave frantic at tenant fish tripping.
Blue jets out of their tiny heads smile and
are vacuumed up, diced by razor jaws to
end in bits, an eye, a bladder stinking
on the sand where we, hands idly swinging,
stroll. I kiss the salt from your fingers and—

distracted by this other bright ocean,
over and over acacias in flight
lay down their hair, beating on the glass.
Sealed in the room my contemplation
is of pleasures fast fading—you bite my ear
—and flowers beating on the glass.

In response to Dverse open mike night – No. 202 – August 24.

12 thoughts on “Sonnet

  1. Thank you for posting at dVerse, the virtual pub for poets!
    A very intersting view of goes on in the deep blue sea…especially like the words “tenant fish tripping.”
    Perhaps you could add a Tag (dVerse) or a link at the bottom of your post that indicates this is in response to dVerse’s Open Link Night. That way, your readers will find dVerse and perhaps post their poems as well, join in on the fun. Thursdays we alternate Open Link Night (post any poem of your choosing) with a particular form prompt. Mondays we alternate prompts for a haibun and prompts for a quadrille (Poem of exactly 44 words). Tuesdays we offer Poetics with a variety of prompts. We’re a friendly bunch. The more the merrier! Linking to us will also increase your readership! 🙂
    So nice to have you with us this evening!


  2. I love your opening line where you can almost feel that “inhale” of the current. And then your second verse takes us in a new direction…perhaps where the sky is that other ocean, love the “flowers beating on the glass.”

    Thank you for joining with us for Open Link Night, Peter.

    Gayle ~


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