Lamps, gala cinema, Warrawong NSW

Dear WordPress readers,
I’m sorry this poem only works on my site. Come visit or read the PDF here.

it’s wrong-headed
the wor(l)d
can be

to think
the wor(l)d
easily cleft

maybe satirists
who impugn

face-scanning software
your motives – crass politics
– are on to something.

as if we
who couldn’t figure
as soon as it starts
who’s right
were babies
out where’s what? Of course
the argument begins
and who’s still here


face it
keeping us
sometimes no matter
we still hold our breath

there’s just no
kids apart
how high the fences
we still turn blue.

the best
is turn up
walk briskly
down roads
Stand in the ocean
as deep
we can
every day
over bridges
through forests.
for as long
as dark

as we’re able.


Image: lamps at the Gala Cinema, Warrawong NSW, the last independent cinema in the Illawarra. And here, for no particular reason, is Ross Edwards’ Prelude and Dragonfly Dance. ‘Cleave’ is a wonderful word meaning both to divide and to cling to. I wrote this partly as a response to the Prime Minister who in a recent interview used the phrase ‘keep Australians safe’ 8 times and has used it many times in discussing national security. This got me thinking…

2 thoughts on “cleave

  1. Love the content and messages and the way you’ve demonstrated decision and choice. 💚 I was also struck with your observation on “keeping Australians safe”–at the time I commented to my son that one way to know how meaningful/informative a political statement is is to contemplate the plausibility of the reverse. I mistakenly thought there were three pieces, but then my inner mathematician kicked in (not really inner) and came up with 282429536481 pieces. I really must apologize, I know it’s pointless detail but sometimes I just can’t stop myself. 🤓

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