the tender trap

hang ears in chandeliers 
tie cams to hummingbird wings
bribe the barista & delivery guy
badger dormouse & eavesdrop on
spidey’s sticky lines

waste your time

here I am, a clam 
[ &
you’ll never 
my dark plan 
to possess 
heart ] 

Image Banksy, Marble Arch, London, photo by Niv Singer on Unsplash, A quadrille for Dverse where Kim is hosting and asks us to eavesdrop in 44 words.

And here’s David Bridie with ‘The Tender Trap‘.


26 thoughts on “the tender trap

    1. My daughter makes extensive use of Alexa: for timing when cooking, to turn lights on and off, play music, etc. When I stayed with her, I struggled to get Alexa to turn off the light when I wanted to go to sleep and she ended up calling my son-in-law’s phone! And I said thank you every time she got it right!


  1. A great choice of image to illustrate your inspired quadrille, Peter. I especially love ‘hang ears in chandeliers’ and the nicely rhyming clam with a dark plan! Made me smile. 😉

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  2. What was that old saying, I think from the book 1984 (and I read it when 1984 seemed so so far away!)….Big Brother is Watching You! These days, we google one thing, and the next thing we know, ads for it are popping up on our FB site or when we google other things. When we were in Shanghai about a year ago, there were cameras on all the traffic lights that showed pedestrians when to walk, when not to walk….and there is facial recognition so if someone “disobeys” the law and jaywalks, they get points taken off on their something-or-other so that if enough points are taken off, they may not get a particular privilege when they apply for it. You forget you are in a Communist country when you walk around the vibrant city….until you realize that is happening.

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