impasto morning

still wet, barely made

provisional colour 

here a smear of sky, of sand
turps in the air
palette knife all gestural ostentatio
a dab of ochre, roseate gables 
estate houses line the scarp

hurry now
the next won’t wait
yet here 
in every grain

Image: Paper daisies with hover fly (Melangyna viridiceps) c/- Inala Nature Tours in beautiful Bruny Island, Tasmania. A quadrille (my first for the year) for Dverse where De is hosting and asks us to use the word ‘dab’

And for your listening pleasures here’s two pieces by Max Richter from late last year celebrating Beethoven’s birthday 250 years ago: Andante Loops and Opus 2020.

15 thoughts on “impasto morning

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Your descriptions are second to none 😀 I love; “a dab of ochre, roseate gables estate houses line the scarp.”💝💝

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  2. I love the fancy words for the simple beauty of nature, which is “in every grain.” I don’t think we have that kind of flower around here unless it’s made of silk at Hobby Lobby. I’ve seen those tiny hoverflies though.


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