Stories – the complete list

Earlier works – Trouble in the Garden & Not a Flotation Device – published by Ginninderra Press.

Keeper Stars burned in bright whorls as the ship climbed out of the ecliptic.

Hollow Dayna just won’t quit. ‘It’s three in the morning,’ she whined from the darkened bedroom.

Chop ‘It’s tough,’ she said through a mouthful of gristle, munching extra loud to make a point.

The Wooden Guy It’s not that I don’t try but mostly I just don’t get it.

Rapport ‘Anonymity is golden Paul.’ I can still hear Dr Flores in the induction session an age ago.

On being hit in the head (for David Lang)…‘heh…hello…hello heyloo-oo-oo…Mr Lang, can you hear me?’

Sleeping in Red City Awake/not awake, how do you tell?

Dog Days I think my dog is depressed.

Time’s Arrow Every story needs an arc, a trajectory.

Second Nature If I have to watch another of his re-runs, I’ll sell the cat.

The nose replies (a homage)  G reckoned that it was all extraordinary and happened in the Capital one autumn over a few days, barely a fortnight…the-nose

Rom Com He was due at one…rom-com

Alice Eleanor lies naked on the bed. No thoughts, she is pale and empty and a little chilly from the air-conditioning…alice

Happy now Satan asks
— Well?
— I never thought much about it.   happy-now

The futurefone  We were in bed when the future called. …futurefone

Is love still possible? Even though everything in the Universe was accelerating away from everything else…is-love-possible

Funnier Ed wasn’t looking good. funnier

Fuse Country They sit in the car looking straight ahead. ‘I’d better go,’ she says. …fuse-country

To the lake again Janey was in the car and the car was in the lake again…to-the-lake-again

How to pass the Turing Test: A study guide First developed in 1950, the Turing test remains…how-to-pass-the-turing-test

What I know about time  We were lying in bed watching the ceiling…what-i-know-about-time

In the Emerald Hotel After nine months, one hundred and twenty-seven flights, in-the-emerald-hotel

The Second Father Here’s me supplanted, replaced, reduced…the-second-father

Up from the beach On its final approach the plane turned …up-from-the-beach

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