Chef’s specials

Different everytime – black and silver fish torpedo thru transient glass
Eight views of a Lego(R) block.
Found poetry.
An ode (to emily – eyes bright, I only felt you there…
Hyperbole – comes the last allusion
on this particular rain – that so tentative ticked…

Three quadrilles (for the physicists)

Quantum quadrille (i)
Quantum quadrille (ii)

Popular choices

Odysseus at the front bar – it should be about something / like love
feathers – the early rising / the water falling
saying goodbye at 5am – The land is a book waiting to be read
bird box – a bird exists inside this five-foot box
Pantoum – Poetry and Loss – In the everyday use of poetry, words carry ideas.
season’s anagram (autumn comes) – the wind moans in the cote
Plums – got your note juice stained

10 new poems – one a week starting late July 2017

  1. Sunday Afternoon Hill 60
  2. Villanelle for the New Economy
  3. A moment (of happiness) – a man and a woman finish sentences…
  4. Missing you already (Pelecanus conspicillatus). – pelicans climbing thermals…
  5. Sonnet …each moment turns an unmade bed.
  6. Cry woman workshop – Here’s where you’ll stand…
  7. Samsara on a windy day – wind blasted sedges won’t lie down.
  8. (in)constant emoji – tears of joy face – infuses tone beautifully
  9. Bucolic (MM Beach) – You know how when the drug (poetry) kicks…
  10. Sum(mer) sonnet – If I were to engineer a blind here…

Fresh tastings…

jumping off roof
Landscape with the fall of Icarus…A farmer at a field – a horse, a plough
the soil folding back in rich concentric
lines like butter…
Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.34.33 pm signal/noise …this is signal…this is noise
Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 4.11.33 pm War (of) words …What is it good for? (Absolutely nothing)…
1024px-The_approach_to_the_Soap_Creek_rapids_of_the_Colorado_River_at_Lee's_Ferry_in_Marble_Canyon,_Grand_Canyon,_1900-1930_(CHS-3896) Grandeur – …there it is as if it had just happened…

A quartet of quadrilles

Six delicious sonnets.

à la carte… for your dining pleasure

The river – on the desk the hands are lit… The 0 – Are we still talking… Hat – The blender, the former, the calibrated shrinkage… Getting ready (Feb. 2017)...Consolidate all necessary paperwork… Wineglass Bay, E. Tas, (42.13°S 148.31°E) … is someone’s beach-idea perfected in whale-bone  The lounge (a memoir)  “It’s about embracing change,” says Penelope… The Short Tax Return for Individuals Start with your name: last first and then first last…cold front coming (Akaroa, New Zealand)  the twilight is as green as greenstone/ and there’s a cold front coming Standing on the Leith Docks  Now’s the day and now’s the hour…Early days  Found underground, a sea in parched WA…The Best ManMarry me—let’s do it today… Untitled Two old palings lean together. One wets a rolly wrist all knobs and gristle… Sonnet Down in the channel the tide inhales… The road not taken Rather than the long road, the coast road, the narrow goat road…The Lovesong of the Flounder Let us go there, you and I…

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