So electrical (2)

moon over coral atoll

Here we are on the edge — to leap or resile
into something new. You were always toeier
than that line of abandoned Alices
(that coterie will complain to any cat
with a smile). Now rest & let lyrics recite
a thousand love(ly) things in your ear.

Scale a high headland for the wind’s arias
when ocean’s bombast (f)ails to
catch. Follow moon to a far off lagoon, see
how the corals frolic & dance. Or tease
autumn’s first berry, capsules coalesce
in sharp juice staining tips, lips & lace. Call it

anything you care but it’s air-real
love, so stellar & so electrical.

Image: Public domain c/- Wikimedia commons. In Terrance Hayes’  Hip Logic, there is a section entitled “A Gram of Ampersands” in which each poem is constructed with lines ending in words made up of the title word – so his poem Nuclear, has lines ending with uncle, rule, learn, and so on. And here’s Aerial Love by Daniel Johns.

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