a daily tanka — 25 May

neon supermarket —
mums among avocados 
cabbages brilliant packs 

in back lobstermen clack
carapaces on the glass

Image: Young girl with cabbage, Firmin Baes (1874 -1943) c/- Wikimedia. After Allen Ginsberg, A Supermarket in California, 1955

And this morning, some guitar for you from Spanish composer Antón García Abril (1933 – 2021) played by Francisco Bernier (maybe start with track 2 Evocaciones) (YouTubers).

a daily tanka – May 20

enormous moon
rising over the rooftops 
a yellow hibiscus

spills over your fence
— this melancholy light

Image: A neighbour’s bloom in artificial moonlight.

And for music today, here’s French ondist Christine Ott with Chimeres (pour ondes Martenot). (Youtubers here’s the album) An Ondes Martenot is an early (1928) electronic instrument and a player of this weirdness is an ‘ondist’.

a sea-drawn tanka – 19 May

today you’re wearing 
those sunglasses I retrieved 
from the ocean floor

coralline rims, deep green glass
sea flowers our corridor

Image: Diver entering the ocean wearing an experimental diving suit, 1934 c/- State Library of NSW on Flickr

And in keeping with today’s marine theme, here’s local indie guitar guy and shirt-refuser John Butler with Ocean (& tubers it’s here)

A full moon tanka – 17 May

after a night out 
upright morning finds the moon
in cream and mottle
               she stops to lean
               her head on a power pole

Image: Japanese photographer Ikko Narahara with Negligee from 1962 c/- Are.na. Last night was the May full moon (named the ‘flower moon’ in the northern hemisphere – as everything’s blooming there); so no-one slept in our house.

From my favourite Australian jazz trio The Necks here’s Open (sorry Spotifiers, I couldn’t find this for you but it’s such a fabulous album, you’ll want to purchase a copy of your own).