The third day

low on the shore — crab cam
— rocks distinct in the early bright
a drape of sea lettuce — perfectly greened to please a child 
and water gif-looped
like breathing // cold, clear and
flowing like our knowledge;  
the sky and the land
                        some Edenic afterthought.

Image: c/- Inala Nature Tours (of Bruny Island, Tasmania). With apologies to Elizabeth Bishop, At the Fishhouses.

And for a bit of meditative drift (with a Modern Country twang) here’s American guitarist William Tyler with some Highway Anxiety (it’s a pretty fabbo film too).

not your touch (negative space)

not your touch but your absence
not your kiss but after 
my cheek cooling
like the sun eclipsed re-emerging 
the land gradually dawning
birds waking again.

not your breath but your perfume 
just a trace — familiar, austere —
declines in the room
like a cloud moving away
the glare returning 
colours bleached and bare.

not your words but the place 
on the page erased
where a shadow remains
like a building emptied
or a statue burning
a space yet to be filled.

shirts, the torment of our sheets
your keys from the bowl 
all these things, these you-things
like a door closing or a film
framed by a door of an empty house 
the sound running down as we pull away.

the likenesses pile up
times when I mistake one thing for another
shadows for anime, windswept for blown back
the press of the tide for knowledge (of some sort)
hands waving hello for hands waving goodbye
— not your touch but your absence.    

Image: Flannel Flowers (Actinotus helianthi ) c. 1900-1910 – from State Library of NSW Flickr .

And for your listening pleasure here’s Thomas Tallis’ (from mid to late 1500s) Mass for Four Voices – sung by Chapelle du Roi – as one youtuber put it “Sublime magnifique merci.”