cumulonimbus to the max

sometime soon
the afternoon monsoon
massy clouds will let go
feathered vapour becomes stun-gun
pelts — school-kids, nuns on bicycles, ponies and peonies heavy heads down
all us plain-living things — with life (L…I…F…E…)
gouts and over-spouts 
your embrace leaves me drenched
thunder down the hallway.  

Image: Margaret Barr’s “Strange Children” [ballet], 1955 / photographer unknown c/- State Library of NSW
Margaret Barr (29 November 1904 – 29 May 1991) was a choreographer and teacher of dance-drama who worked in the United States, England, New Zealand and Australia. During a career of more than sixty years, she created over eighty works.

A quadrille for Dverse where De is hosting and asks us to use the word ‘go’ in our 44 word poem.

And for those of you thawing out from too much winter, here’s Monsoon feat. Sheila Chandra from 1982 with Ever So Lonely

The seductive loveliness… on the Ekphrastic Review

Saint Jerome in his Study, by Antonello da Messina (Italy) c. 1475

Delighted to have my poem – The Seductive Loveliness of Perspective – published by the Ekphrastic Review. You can read it here – along with the work of many talented poets responding to many talented artists.

There’s lot’s of provocative prompts, competitions and guides to further your ekphrastic practice. Big thanks to Lorette for her wonderful journal.