A daily tanka – 30 April

here a Bob Ross sky
blended blended blue and rose 
van dyke pines lakefront
happy forest just like that
touch of crimson there you go

Image: On my walk this morning, before it rained. Having missed the poem a month celebrations, I’m going to try for a daily tanka for a while (there’s a local anthology afoot). Bob Ross was a landscape artist and tv personality.

Today’s music choice: Berlin musicians F.S Blumm and Nils Frahm collaboration Tag Eins, Tag Zwei

A sudden gust of wind

It was our first lunch out, our first restaurant meal after isolation — and it seemed so rushed. The waiter hurried to seat us, pushing the menus in into our slow clumsy hands, the traffic hurtled by, the arms of the municipal clock spun in their course. 

Then came the wine and the bread and we had at it, as if we had never tasted anything as wonderful — this ordinary crust, this cheap carafe. 

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