sonnet on a still life

after Dressing table self portrait, Margaret Olley, 1982

there are days — when the levity of dogs
the fridge motor, the pol air chopper 
says there’s no quiet to be had

but for this moment to which you return
again and again, your familiars —
blooms, a fan of feathers
ovals and angles turned so the light

that lines your dressing table
leads to the morning over your shoulder
then descends into blue, blue shadow
— your cardigan, your face is awash

you stare at the sun specular in glass
and antelopes on a black lacquered box
lost to us now, but leaping still

Image: (detail) Dressing table self portrait, Margaret Olley, 1982. A poem after Australian painter Margaret Olley‘s (1923-2011) 1982 painting which is here. Olley painted several versions of this scene over a painting career of nearly sixty years during which she focussed on colour and still life.

And for music today, in keeping with the retro funk from yesterday – here’s London based electronic producers Jungle with their May 2022 EP Goodtimes/Problemz (youtubers)

The seductive loveliness… on the Ekphrastic Review

Saint Jerome in his Study, by Antonello da Messina (Italy) c. 1475

Delighted to have my poem – The Seductive Loveliness of Perspective – published by the Ekphrastic Review. You can read it here – along with the work of many talented poets responding to many talented artists.

There’s lot’s of provocative prompts, competitions and guides to further your ekphrastic practice. Big thanks to Lorette for her wonderful journal.