Ekphrasis 1.


Sorting the Table

Soon enough a storm of language
will overcome (t)his hallucinatory
made in the shadow of a buxom pear.

Already the wind has brought
shattered consonants from the dunes
filling the off-plank like first settlers.
A page on the wires protests its detention,
while another’s held flat to the wall.

Soon enough they’ll plug the tear, trim the ragged brow
and with suitable bracing establish a solid footing.

Below the spider just laughs
whispering dust to dust.

Unnamed + Unsaid (2016)
George Baldessin and Imants Tillers

My response to Australian sculptors and print makers George Baldessin and Imants Tillers collaborative work Unnamed + Unsaid (2016). (As the image is still under copyright, you will need to follow this link.)

You can read more about George Baldessin here. And for Australian poets, the Nillumbik Council Ekphasis poetry competition is here, closes 30 April 2018. And here’s more about Ekphrasis.

Image: The sculpture Pear – version number 2 by George Baldessin outside (until recently) the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra by Nick-D via Wikimedia Commons.

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