a daily tanka — July 7

gulls bright in the storm
a squall rattles the coast
rain beats the glass beats
while we sip rosé, recall 
San Rémy, olives just like these 

Image: Vincent van Gogh, Olive trees with yellow sky and sun, San Rémy, 1889 c/- Wikimedia Commons. How delicious, lunch at a restaurant with views across the crashing seas and the oncoming storm.

Music this morning? In keeping with yesterday’s journey back to the seventies, here’s an early collab between English ambient guru Brian Eno and German tech duo Cluster – called Cluster & Eno from 1977 (Youtube).

daily tanka — June 9

during our holiday

          I lost my iphone 

after taking

         that shot of us                     together

among the ruins

Image: Pompeii 13 April 2019, 1.18pm. I was going to use something more lyrical as a photo but this snap from my lost iphone makes me smile.

And for music today, here’s some northern hemisphere birds accompanying ‘quirky’ London-based multi-instrumentalist Cosmo Sheldrake with Wake Up Calls (Youtubers) (if you have a cat, probably put them in the other room while this is playing).

A daily tanka – 9 May

i’m seeing lots of blue
blue bays, fantastic tans & white-
washed cliff top churches

come pilgrim, come traveller
— weekend magazine

Image: Morning over the Mediterranean, Turkey, years ago.

For music this morning, jazz from 1960 with pianist Bill Evans and guitarist Jim Hall in Undercurrent. And here’s the dream-like cover photo from American photographer Toni Frissell,  “Weeki Wachee Spring, Florida”.