Meditation on the Sea of Tranquility


(The Arente Trail 3km out of Chalet Dam, Larapinta Trail)

The surface is fine and powdery.
I can kick it up loosely with my toe.

The shadows stand upright
and cast sharp shadows on the plain.
Granite (yes granite!) peels off in rounds,
exposing clean stone to the endless bright.

The atmosphere is cold
blowing dust or ash.

Image:  View of Command and Service Module (CSM) over the surface of the moon as it travels over the west Sea of Tranquility, the landing site of the Lunar Module. Image taken from inside the LM from orbital altitude over the moon during the Apollo 11 Mission c/- Wikimedia Commons.

5 April 2020

Another small piece from the Larapinta Trail diary. Thanks for reading

And since we’re in a lunar frame of mind here’s Brian Eno with my favourite low gravity waltz …(also appears in “the worst toilet in Scotland” scene in Trainspotting  – Warning: strong language, drug references and scatological humour)


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