to the light of September

It seems as though you are still summer
standing there – holding our towels

sweet coconut and saltpan
furnace ready to melt
flesh from fiery soles.
Head back laughing
‘Missed you’

-be you’d
pass, worries
still butterfly
hearts, but here you are
hurrah! – so kiss me quick
oil my shoulders, get some rays
in a glint clouds will allow just
one moment more we’re endless summer.

Image: Women in bathing suits on Collaroy Beach, 1908, photographed by Colin Caird, State Library of NSW. Two nonets for Dverse where Laura is hosting and asks us to count down for the ninth month. The line ‘It seems as though you are still summer’ is from W.S. Merwin’s To the Light of September.

And for your summer dreams – here’s Daryl Braithwaite (summer hottie and mullet head) from 1988.

18 thoughts on “to the light of September

  1. Love in the summer is best near/in/on water. Wonderful nonet duet. I like how you used your punctuation and how you ended one and began the other. Good accompanying music for the season!


  2. this is excellent Peter – the Nonet form flows literally back and forth like the incoming tide and conjures such vivid sights and smells of a sunny sandy day

    and these gorgeous lines
    still butterfly


  3. Well done Peter! I really like the way you flow from one poem right into the next.
    I like this line…
    furnace ready to melt
    flesh from fiery soles.

    This is the summer sand for sure!


  4. The vintage photo was the first thing I took in, the smiles on the faces of whose women are brilliant. Why don’t they make in bathing suits like that anymore? You captured the essence of summer love, Peter; the first appealed to my sense of smell and the second to the sense of feeling and touch, and I love the way flow together – or can be read individually.


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