Over the Moon

50 questions

Here’s Ava and Daniel reading 50 Google questions…

What’s tonight’s Moon?
What’s the reason for the Moon?

What does the Moon mean in poetry?
What is the poem about to the Moon?
What word rhymes with Moon?
What does a full Moon mean sexually?
What should I not do on a full Moon?
What do you eat on a full Moon?
What’s a wolf Moon?
What’s a wolf man?

Is buying land on the Moon legal?
Is there gold on the Moon?
Is the flag still on the Moon?
Is the Moon dead?
Is the Moon a star?
Is the Moon romantic?
Is Full Moon Good Luck?
Is anyone lost in space?
Is anyone? 

Where is the Moon located?
Where does the Moon look the biggest?
Which direction in the sky is the Moon?
Where does the Moon come up?
Where did the astronauts land on the moon?
Where did China land on the Moon?
Can we survive without the Moon?
Where does the phrase over the Moon come from?

Why was the Moon so big last night?
Why moonlight is so white?
Why is the Moon in the West?
Why does the Moon look smaller in photos?
Why is the Moon so big compared to other Moons?
Why does the Moon not spin?
Why is Moon low in sky?
Why did we stop going to the Moon?

Who owns the Moon?
Who is the inventor of the Moon?
Who wrote the poem To the Moon?
What would happen if we nuked the Moon?
Would we die if the Moon exploded?
Who were the men who walked on the Moon?
Can everyone see the Moon?
Is there a man buried on the Moon?

How is tonight’s Moon?
How high is the Moon?
How was the Moon created?
How does the Moon function? 
How far away was the Moon in 1969?
How far away does the Moon get each year?
Are we losing the Moon? 
How many more poems Moon?

Image: Sea of Crises by Sasha Urusov / CC BY-SA c/- Wikimedia
A found poem of Google questions about the moon.

So it’s a full moon tonight, and I’ve lots of questions. Linked up to Dverse Open Link Night.

And who else but Brian Eno to take us there with Apollo.

23 thoughts on “Over the Moon

      1. When I was still in my teens, I ran into Jackie Gleason in Africa, of all places. He was sitting on the porch of a little house–I take it it must have been his room in some sort of a game park–in Kenya. He said hi, I said hi and kept on walking. Audrey Meadows was no place to be seen. The Honeymoon must have been over. ;o)

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  1. I love this Dr. Seuss Androidian extravaganza. So inventive whoever put it together and gave it vocal life. It reminds me of when my co-workers and I would take work roadtrips with our ipads and tried to think of questions to ask google questions. My son and his gf have (had?) an Alexa (gift from her parents, devil’s spawn, Alexa, not the parents) and one time Becca told Alexa to tell us a scary story. This — and poetry — is where the androids will always fail. They will never know love and they will never know fear.

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  2. Love the reading and the process of writing this found poem. I recall we had this exercise before and it was fun with all the questions.

    Thanks to the team! I so enjoyed hearing your voices.

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  3. I loved reading this while listening to the audio: it made it really amusing, somehow. My favourite questions:

    What is the poem about to the Moon?
    What would happen if we nuked the Moon?

    The latter made me laugh out loud. Not sure what this says about me…

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  4. An enjoyable found poem, Peter, that left me looking for some answers! I have a book that I bought in a feminist bookshop in Germany in the 1970s. It’s by Anne Kent Rush and it explores the moon in culture, science, space, mythology, religion, etc. I haven’t got it down in years and now I have a reason to read it again! I haven’t read anything in German in ages either.


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