Fair comment(s)

Sydney Gazette 4 May 1816

Looks like a fair
I cannot believe.

There is too much
living in the past
WE have not changed.

Wow, so much?
How is this not?
It was shocking
60-metre high cliffs.
None of us want it to happen again.

History is immutable
It is not fair
annexing another country
and far between.

We still continue
fire-bombing of Dresden
statues in Australia
statues and monuments.

So Macquarie didn’t
did good, did bad,
an old saying:
all forms have a hard time.

Don’t identify or care
of the future

What white kid?
cooked to death – tasered to death – bashed to death – died in custody – stealing a bike.

What employee depicts himself
riddled with words?

Bad, but
the same
is just silly.

Legal and Moral aspects –
– regressive left “historians”
– skepticism is stretched.

What a load.
Surely we can…
Reconciliation is off.
” I forgive you ”
turgid insights
positive or enlightening
utterly craven
areas of disquiet
either way it’s
a right/left, black/white argument
— ho-hum.

Current threats
left to stir.

The sad thing
Australians feel
never 100%
end of discussion.

Image: detail from the Sydney Gazette 4 May 1816 in which Governor Macquarie reported ‘several Natives have been unavoidably killed and wounded…some few innocent Men, Women and Children…’. The full transcript is available at trove.nla.gov.au In chronological order, three-word (mostly) extracts from the comments published by the ABC in response to the article Fact check: Was Lachlan Macquarie a mass-murderer who ordered the genocide of Indigenous people?  Lachlan Macquarie (1762-1824) was governor of NSW from 1810 to 1821.

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