Saying goodbye at 5am


The land is a book waiting to be read
but if it’s not read is it still a book,
or without us will it collapse
into leaves that blow away?

even if it’s not read it’s still a book.
it’s a stupid question of course, the world!
leave then, blow away
beyond my ken.

it’s a stupid question: of course the world
won’t disappear the moment,
beyond our ken,
we turn our backs.

don’t disappear (the moment
goes on) – dogs eat dogs, birds eat bugs, snakes &c.
we turn back
but already busy, our own lives

go on – dogs, birds, bugs, snakes &c.
it’s 5am and your taxi’s here
already busy with your own life.
I can hear the Iraqi beats
…………………………………………fading down the street.

Image: Lollemy Art Photography c/- Pixabay. A pantoum is a poetic form (sigh) where the 2nd & 4th lines of one stanza become the 1st and 3rd of the next. And here’s some Iraqi dance music for your next early morning taxi ride to the airport.

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