(a reply to William Carlos Williams’ This is just to say)

got your note
those particular ones

I was saving
in the freezer
for a time

with a lover
(not the first or third
but perhaps

the fifth), when
unhurried at midnight
cold luscious luxury

melts into sweet
mess by a heat
you now

won’t know.
I hope they were
worth it.

Image: c/- maxpixel. The William Carlos Williams poem is here. Written for Dverse where Lillian asks us to consider fridges and iceboxes. And if you haven’t seen it – check out Jim Jarmusch’s wonderful Paterson

19 thoughts on “Plums

  1. Ah! When I saw your title I knew it had to be connected to WCW – that is a favorite of mine – I often have my students write from it in the same way. What you have done here is so filled with longing and regret, and a tinge of bitter. The last line is a kicker.


    1. Thanks Kim, I imagined him as a messy midnight eater in a hurry, tho being a doctor he probably wasn’t, he probably sat down with the plums and a sharp knife (something from his bag perhaps) and dissected each in turn over a plate. 😀

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