season’s anagram (autumn comes)


the wind moans in the cote
as it tunes canto (odd muso)
on manse doors and eaves.
rattle and addle, scout
for some summae cum act.

some stirring enacts
something un-cutaneous
momenta by momenta,
a rising seamount
from golden oceans.

un-tame me, unseat me
conk me on the scone
with stone or pine cone
throw comets, fire up Etnas
if you must.

Monet’s season summon
(you can’t get this on cams)
Get out man. Leave mates unmet,
teas and uneaten oats to Aunts
and cousin Emma’s cat.

Grab your coats,
out, out eco-bums!
commune, consummate —
autumn comes.

Image – Lepenjica Valley, Slovenia (IR) | by M43achi on Flickr. A seasonal anagram for Northern Hemisphere readers, and here’s California Dreaming for your autumnal walk (whatever happened to flute solos in popular music?). Other anagrams here and here.

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