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Between us
as if it had just
though it took
— perhaps the stone

From this
you can see
strung together
through time
to the river
by this long dry

a sunlit sea
of crinoids waving
from some glacier

Above us
ready to fall

& levered
with handrails
Take tourists
to venture into

see how they
like flying

there it is
an age obviously
here was flawed.

broken edge
tiny people on burros
picking their way
over loose stones
to a trickle.

all this as
long meadows
back and forth. A streak
growling down

the hawk
on the slightest

they’ve built
a way spectacular
and tempered glass.
$90 a turn, ($450 a family)
the illusion of
beneath their toes

like feeling
like falling.

Image: The approach to the Soap Creek rapids of the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry in Marble Canyon, Grand Canyon, 1900-1930 by James, George Wharton [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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