that ending (2)

rusty comet

Now our first/final embrace.
Flung through fantastic retinue
for years, felt frequencies,
flew thru flowing waters (what a rush) –
finding precursors.

Farewell antenna &
fussiness of task.
Undressed I blush,
fast (f)lash on your cheek.

In this
I will


Written for Quadrille #40 – De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo) has asked us to be ‘free’ at Dverse – the poet’s pub. The Grand Finale of the space probe Cassini is here

11 thoughts on “that ending (2)

  1. I’d like to say farewell to the fussiness of task, but my demise won’t be half so spectacular as Cassini’s. Glad you provided a link for further insight into you inspiration, cool website- cool poem!


  2. I like the alliteration and the juxtaposition of ‘ first/final embrace’ – the summing up of a relationship. I especially like the idea of a ‘Farewell antenna’, which would save us all from a ‘fussiness of task’ and the sweet lines:
    ‘Undressed I blush,
    fast (f)lash on your cheek’.


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