Quantum quadrille (i)

solway conf-1927


 – after Davisson and Germer 1927.

Kick a poem through a grate like this | |
Surely each word must pass through one slot or the other, yet the resulting distribution shows that words also behave


Image: Delegates to the Solvay Conference on electrons and photons, Brussels, 1927 Wikimedia commons (no poets and only one woman [Marie Curie] in attendance). This is the first of four quantum quadrilles. And here’s Frank Sinatra also thinking about waves and particles. Linked to dverse – the poets’ pub where De is hosting and asks us to use the word ‘kick’

30 thoughts on “Quantum quadrille (i)

  1. Fantastic Peter! Love it! Though their behaviour is tied to the presence or otherwise of the observer… just as this poem would be something else without the reader! 🙂


  2. Peter, enjoyable blend of science and art (in my opinion one that is amazing). Science has come so far in the almost-50 years since I got my undergrad degree. Love the play with the extended word. Brilliant.


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