Big rain – haibun


Rain like a bastard. Always big weather round here, more than our share. Don’t need radar animations or a weather app: just stick your head out the window, clouds all day escarpment gone and here in this last sunshine all it takes is…

…wind turns south and it’s on for young and old. Idiots in low-slung scoobies going flat out into floodwaters, roostertails and stalled in the middle waving to us across this big rain.

TV says: ‘don’t drive into floodwaters,’ then they play the clip and up and down our street, all together we say ‘…ya focking idiot’ (tho’ chances are we know the driver & the car).

Garden streams turn to torrents in a flash wash untethered toddlers and puppies out to sea and some knee-deep reporter says how it’s best we all keep out of this big rain.

So we forget democracy and the heart’s decline and that poor kiddie covered in plaster dust from the shelling and the ice melting and the corals and our souls, our souls…

for some idiot in a low-slung scooby going flat out into floodwaters.


at the river’s deep,
long weeds like women’s hair
wave from the icy flow.

Image: Motor car being pulled through a flooded Sandy Crossing at Brooweena, Queensland, ca.1925. Wiki-media – c/- Queensland State Library.
It’s haibun night at dverse – the poet’s pub – Bjorn is hosting and asked us to write on water. I’ve been playing with this piece for a while. Hope you like it. And here’s David Bridie with Dive (a song about a flood). ‘scooby’ coll. Subaru Impreza Turbo as in “Wicked Scooby Mate!!!!!”


11 thoughts on “Big rain – haibun

  1. I grok the Scooby! Cool write. A voice I’ve heard many times in my past lives. (Actually sounds a bit like Lee Marvin, shaking his head and grumbling, “Goddam farmers!”) Spot on.

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  2. I have seen to such flash floods and they are dangerous. Some folks don’t think its scary but those waters can quickly turn to danger, and even harm ~ Enjoyed your take ~


  3. So good!! Loved it from the first terrific punch to the last line of the Haiku. “So we forget democracy and the heart’s decline” is just excellent.


  4. Terrific voice in this haibun packed with goodness and culminating in that list of the things we’ve forgotten to oay attention to in the final few lines. This was a really enjoyable read, Peter.


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