Friday favourites for 10 Nov.


(a little late)

If you haven’t caught up with the latest edition of Cordite – do yourself a favour. This edition focuses on mathematics – and I particularly liked Roy Voragen’s primal #m74207281 which is the current largest Mersene Prime Number. Talk about dedication.

Also in Cordite is  Yasmin Heisler review of asemic 15. Asemic writing is a ‘wordless open semantic form of writing’. A new form to me.

Finally, check out Gulf Pines a terrific free (that’s right) chapbook from Algy River Carnival – it’s a lovely production combining wide-ranging verse from Diana Young with dystopian photography by R Young.

Image: detail from Roy Voragen’s poem primal #m74207281. And music this week – here’s Faure’s Requiem – with Sara Macliver soprano, Sinfonia Australis, Antony Walker conductor – bliss.


One thought on “Friday favourites for 10 Nov.

  1. thanks for the link to cordite & the piece on asemics. always been a fan of dada & barthes & twombly, now (finally) to discover (?) asemics. this is what I’ve been trying in my lame way to do — no holding back now! the notion of “states” in an emerging work appeals to me (I recall etchings by Picasso subtracting/adding at eacn “state” … anyway, thanks mille fois for the tip(s) NB I’m working on a dada opera dedicated to Tristan Tzara and the Cabaret Voltaire using scrambled texts from old underground press such as the Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle & The Great Speckled Bird.


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