Friday favourites – 1 December 17


Where the bee dances

I came across this wonderful verse at Plumwood Mountain – on the threshold of the hive by Alice Allan…

“a third person is watching

a third

a personpersonpersonperson

a personapersonapersonaperson”

(Alice also has a podcast site which has lot’s of sweet nourishing poetics waiting for you.)

The poet quotes Sylvia Plath’s bee poems and Stings in particular…

…Here is my honey-machine,
It will work without thinking,
Opening, in spring, like an industrious virgin

To scour the creaming crests
As the moon, for its ivory powders, scours the sea.

And here’s John Kinsella’s poem Calorific

The guy who lives up the loop in a donga
on a bare block, does have a pair of wattle trees
in his custody. That’s it. But these trees are full-
blown yellow and awesome and draw all eyes to them…

John’s new book Renga – 100 poems – a collaborative work with American poet Paul Kane is currently on backorder and his 2016 collection Drowning in Wheat: Selected Poems is available from your favourite bookseller.

Image: Golden Wattle by Melburnian (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons, and here’s Amy Dickson and the Royal Philharmonic – with Michael Nyman’s ‘Where the bee dances’ – (hmmmm)

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