Achilles at Wave Rock (32.443°S, 118.897°E)


for P

The flood closed the shop so we had the weekend.
On his GS1000 we were flying

— Brookton, Beverley, Corrigin —

…………………………………………………the wheat
a rich ripe monotony, arrow-straight roads,
figures in fields staring, silo towns

— Hoddy’s Well, Clackline, Lake Grace, Hyden —

rail-heads fled as the bike split earth and sky

…………..Years later I heard: how he’d gonea bus
draggedface downthe roaduntil

but we were young men talking wild: women,
the stars, vast armies marching headlong
into the river of the dead, how we’d forget
when the great thing ahead of us. Restless
there at the lip, waiting our destiny.

I woke early: the arms of the zodiac,
the rock. He was up already pacing the sun.

Image: Wave rock, Western Australia, c/- Wikimedia and here’s Arvo Pärt’s Fratres

4 thoughts on “Achilles at Wave Rock (32.443°S, 118.897°E)

  1. That force, the arrow, splitting earth and sky: powerfully portrayed memories, Peter, yet wistful. Now I think I knew everything and nothing when I was young, and I also find myself remembering those who didn’t pass through to look back. A great read.


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