My twisted Thai


(after Misky’s Maxim’s Pantoum)

Tofu without tofu. Bangkok
karaoke sweet ‘n sentimental.
Fiery spices for decades
hot ‘n sour, sit where you like.
Karaoke sweet ‘n sentimental
from north-east Thailand
hot ‘n sour, sit where you like.
A sticky bamboo bucket
from north-east Thailand.
A kitchen curry jungle,
a sticky bamboo bucket
red roasted in fresh pineapple
a kitchen curry jungle,
fiery spices, for decades
red roasted in fresh pineapple.
Bangkok tofu without tofu.

A comfort full and fragrant.

Image: c/- Flickr; here’s my favourite Thai restaurant this side of the Chao Phraya river, and for those of you that remember back that far, here’s One Night in Bangkok (oh dear where did they get those suits :-).

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