dancing before the cameras once more


his words were the same muddle of sentiment,
self-aggrandisement and revisionism
casting back to that long dry right
(that’s not how i remember it)
but how aged that boyish familiar:
on screen he was paper-thin,
the evening metro skyline
sparkled through his shoulders.

Image: Members of the first federal ministry of Australia, 1902, National Archives of Austraila: A1200, LI3365. A quadrille for dverse where De is hosting and asks us to write on ‘muddle’. And here’s Satellite of Love – ‘I love to watch things on tv’

15 thoughts on “dancing before the cameras once more

  1. “Dancing before the cameras once more”
    Reading your title, and the poem…reminds me sadly that history repeats itself. I’m just hoping we come soon to another part of the circle.


  2. These words fit the rhetoric of our times so well: “muddle of sentiment,
    self-aggrandisement and revisionism” and from what I heard on the radio this morning, blatant confabulation is another trend.

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