Parker’s box


gave Florida’s clouds a good rollicking then gone

hurrying to slow
round Venus 7 times (tenacious bugger)

comes news
from fiery face

unexpected, troubling

school us dumb ants
how gentle sun
is fierce roiling, boiling, swirling, seething, crackling, gerundical

& only
8 minutes away.

Image: Olaus Magnusson (c. 1555), an illustration that shows halo phenomena around the sun via Wikimedia Commons. A quadrille in celebration of the launch of the Parker Solar Probe – for dverse, the poets’ pub where De is hosting and asks us to quadrille using the word ‘box’. And in keeping with this theme, here’s Willie Nelson from his album  ‘Naked Willie Nelson’ (shudder) with a Morecombe & Wise theme – Bring me sunshine.

11 thoughts on “Parker’s box

  1. Nice phrase: “gave Florida’s clouds a good rollicking” Your reference to Venus made me think I can find a few of these planets easily. They are very bright in the urban environment, but most of the stars many normally see aren’t.


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