Friday favourites…

Port Kembla Beach-colours-2

14 Sept. 2018

My poem – Grandeur is up at Vita Brevis (thanks Brian). And if you missed it, Vita Brevis have published a list of poetry journals with high acceptance rates.

A new edition of Australian Poetry Journal published.

… features new works by more than 50 Australian poets, articles and reviews, including an interview with the three editors responsible for Lionel Fogarty’s New & Selected Poems (re:press, 2017), a tribute to John Forbes on the 20th anniversary year of his premature death, and much more nourishing stuff. Well worth a subscription. 

Reading Kathleen Bleakley’s chapbook Azure – available from Ginninderra Press (for an absolute pittance). I particularly liked the darkly funny Blue Hawaii 2

“Elvis returns to Blue Hawaii, frangipani scent lingering. How the Hawaiian girls greeted him with petals on his pillow. A lei and shell necklace placed tenderly…”

But not everything is as it seems for the King…

“…Red pink and yellow hibiscus falling off trees. Aloha everywhere. Aloha – spirit of love – a greeting and farewell. “

Australian Poetry Review – Martin Duwell – monthly essays on a selected Australian poetry.  If you’re like me and sometimes find reading poetry a little challenging, Martin’s thoughtful essays provide a stepping stone – as he says…

“[he] began this series of reviews not with the aim to pass judgements about relative worth or get a keener sense of where Australian poetry was headed but to try to work out what individual poets were actually doing. “

And for some end-of-the-week diversion – UbuWeb have Samuel Beckett’s play Krapp’s Last Tape – directed by Atom Egoyan with John Hurt (watch out for that banana John).

Image: Spring has arrived in the antipodes, so it’s time – and always swim between the flags). And here’s Mozart’s first four string quartets. Not quite play-in-the-background-while-writing music but full of brio and verve (whatever season you’re enjoying).

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