Once upon…


Once upon and
once again –
twice more until
done down and
stay down this time.

From another another cry
cornered to my corner
rain down the head piece
rain down the wallpaper
reciprocal to inter-tidal
pooled in pools.

Now some lunk with a lug
hawks the carpet like a wave.

Finally wrestled the doors shut
the floor is ours a moment
stretched an hour.

Here and quietly
here we held
each one singly,
one each time
and back again
and back.

Image: from my favourite place in Sydney, the Domain Parking Station travelator. A bit of abstraction for Dverse on Tuesday where Lillian has asked us to use that old stock phrase… in new ways. And here’s the final duel from Once upon a time in the West (Bronson, Fonda, Cardinale, Sergio Leone, and Ennio Morricone)

9 thoughts on “Once upon…

  1. Me too, the four-dimensional geometric variations , Peter. For me, it transmits a feeling of being trapped in a storm, and then a tranquil passing, warm memories. Great image, although it brings back my own memories of being lost in strange places.


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