— tap (dripping)
— gutter (also)
— hair blown; hand (150mg cortico-steriods)
— trash on the beach, willows ‘neath the tide
— Joburg slums, libertas for West Papua
— the forest and the trees
— species: elephant, thylacine, bluewhale
— the planet’s dark progress
— the grieving we must do (new words required)

Image: St George’s Anglican Church, Lightning Ridge NSW, 1933, after the cyclone,  Reverend Arthur Leyland Bird, priest with the Brotherhood of the Good Shepherd c/- State Library of NSW on Flickr. A quadrille for Dverse, where De Jackson is hosting and asks us for a fix.

And to mark the passing of Florian Schneider founding member of Kraftwerk, here’s The Man Machine


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