Sweet potato

hangs a dirigible
one end noses the future, 
the other a smatter of roots. 

like Europa 
or other undisclosed moons 
under its pockled skin it’s protean
an orange ocean, every slice 
a sun god rising over the Yucatan
or a sprout coir-wrapped
in the stern of the outrigger.
the Navigator strides the sky 
from Panama points 
the Southern Cross 
low over Nuku’alofa.

A meditation on a favourite carbohydrate (also known as ‘yam’ in some parts of the Americas). And here’s some interesting history.

And for your listening pleasure here’s the wonderful Pauline Oliveros with The Wanderer from 1984 (for all you accordion fans).

8 thoughts on “Sweet potato

  1. I never met a yam (easier to type than sweet potato) that I didn’t like, in pie, soup, roasted. You’ve turned it into a ninja with skill. You’ve traveled far!

    The Oliveros: the first half better, reminded me alternately of church and outer space. She’s taken the underappreciated instrument far beyond Myron Floren.

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