Daily tanka – May 2

In the room the air 
has sides cornered, delimited 
floor to ceiling 

a dragonfly (call it thought) 
clatters against the glass

Image: Waiting room, Wollongong Hospital.

And today’s musical offering, in keeping with the mallet theme of yesterday’s pick, here’s jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson from 1968 (tho not released until 1980…what were they thinking?) with his album Patterns (pick any track you like – it’s all gold – a favourite: Nocturnal – just the ticket for writing tanka…)

2 thoughts on “Daily tanka – May 2

  1. I’m a fool for a good vibraphonist. I was listening to Joel Ross this morning. I like the idea of thoughts as dragonflies banging up against the glass. Trying to get out or get in at different times…

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