Opening day

Needles from the low off Antarctica
spun from a face of angry ice
spray snatched into the sky
this mighty engine.

the water’s green and planktonic
no line or floor 
humpbacks below
sailing a darker green. 

out of options, breathless
a man decides happiness.

Image: Vincent P. Taylor [in inflatable rubber suit] floating on San Francisco Bay, Sept. 29th, 1926 / Taylor Family photographs and State Library of NSW on Flickr. Opening day at my local swimming pool was a bit blustery. A quadrille for Dverse where Lillian is hosting and asks us to use the word ‘happy’.

And since we’re talking about it, here’s my happy place – Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Here’s the Aria by piano superstar Lang Lang (just ignore the cheesy camera work — maybe close your eyes for five minutes.)