The best man

Marry me—let’s do it today
and tomorrow we’ll toast tequila
I’ll show you the fires of Manua Kea
and you can show me the dark side of the moon.

Marry me—I’ll move my midday
and tomorrow we’ll visit my parents.
I can hear them now, puckering up as
they roll towards us over the lino.

Marry me—I need it real bad.
We could play games with each other.
I’ll tie you up, invite another
and you can wear my wetsuit indoors.

Marry me— hell let’s buy the place.
Do the lounge in steel and concrete
a coral reef in the bedroom. Lie in the dark
and listen to the anemones feeding.

Marry me—do it ultra quick.
Here’s the ring and you’ve got the lip
stick. And tomorrow step into the sun
blinking, try to work out what’s changed.

Marry me— Well marry someone.
And tomorrow I’ll be their best man
stand drunk at the reception
and tell everyone what
I really think
which is
that you

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