Early days

thylacine-wombatGenerations of Western Australians have grown up with the fable of the State’s huge underground inland sea. Today, the fable became reality with the news from mining company Big Snake Nickel that they had discovered the massive water…” ABC, 7.30 Report, 16 May 2000

Found underground, a sea
in parched WA.
Founding fathers (now underground)
unsuccessfully searched
did calculations
said nothing
these are early days.

The Minister in the spotlight
did calculations
said nothing
said we’re moving underground
said be cautious
these are early days.

So we reached back
with unbounded love
(or because we could)
or because never for a moment was this
blonde blue horizon, lightly curved,
anything but a prison.

Called from rest
the Tasmanian tiger
burning bright
safely imprinted
following a bucket on a pole
round and round,
round and round.

Next, maybe reconstitute
the Dauphin’s heart.
leave him at Montmartre
see how he does
with no work-related skills
but a pair of nice pink lungs.

Truly, these are early days.

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