man (kind) ?
man  (kind) ?
Sweet or un (kind)
(not really the marrying (kind) )
out of your mind (you stare so)
perhaps not even our (kind)

if not
maybe bot
currently 15%
are algorithms going
exponentially faster and faster
try this (kind) of shoes,
these flowers,
those holiday blues:
our (kind) of unease.

the opening rose
with petals
in the shape of
an ear inclined
to catch the air
to flutter

today I’ve got in mind
a nice white shirt and a (kind)
word, an unhurried drawl,
more aphorism
than conversation
but I like how it sounds
like flowers falling.

my da used to say
the chocolate wheel
goes roun’ and roun’
ne’er look under the lid
to see what (kind)
just be grateful
if you get
at all.

Image: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, where you could win 2kg chocolate bars, Flickr, Abi Skipp (detail, black and white); and here’s Nick LoweCruel to be Kind

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