Another exoplanet


the obvious click-bait
including artist’s impression —
a cool grey sphere
transiting the full fiery face —
it was the qualifications I noticed

could tell us something
may help us understand

as if these
hadn’t been gnawing
along with other
contemporary mysteries such as
what happened to our pay-packets and
if our best is ahead of us who’s
to blame for before?

how we
privilege the now –
over an emergent past —
a 2” monochrome found in an orbit of dust
– your grandfather, trousers rolled,
a full head back delights as his son
tamps a bucket
at the seaside.

with the new tech
the catalogue of hot Jupiters and goldilocks
is expected to expand

You too can be an astrophysicist and for a breathless tour of exoplanets visit NASA’s travel bureau. And here’s something cool for readers having a hot day of it (it’s 36.4 celsius as I’m writing this) – Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin Rhythm Clan


5 thoughts on “Another exoplanet

  1. The fourth and fifth stanzas really got to me. You’re so right. The past is way more important. But modern-day Goldilocks has ADHD and Asperger’s and anxiety and can’t sit still or listen or stop twitching, so you have to find a way to convey the information to her while she’s bouncing. Otherwise, it will be lost and she will make up her own “truth.” Seriously, it’s a problem — figuring out how to reach and instruct a completely different type of kid. Maybe she can learn, but she has special needs. Modifications and adaptations in learning styles and teaching methods. You have to help her. Her brain is so different.

    That’s where I went with this, anyway. 🙂


  2. The juxtaposition here is fascinating, Peter, it’s very true, and I like your planet. I hear that all our problems will be solved by exoplanets, colonising Mars, and hyper-wealthy dabblers. This is because what captures our imaginations, what is beautiful and inspiring, must be good for humanity. 🐒

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