Friday favourites – 14 Jan 18

diving-valley baths

Summer’s here (here at least) so it’s time to dive in to poetics  c/- A J Carruthers’s and Amelia Dale’s Stale Objects dePress, also known as SOd press: Experiments in radical poetics. Much to enjoy on this site but this Friday’s (current) favourites:

Kathryn Hummel, ‘splashback’ “No running, no diving, no splashing, no dunking…’ etc.

and Sara Adams Think like a B: Erasure poems from Donald Trump’s Think Like a Billionaire – I particularly liked the poet’s/billionaire’s advice on How to Landscape “hire reputable bushes” More of Sara’s work here

Image: Diving at the Valley Baths, Brisbane, Qld c. 1938, c/- Queensland State Library. And in keeping with today’s theme – here’s shungudzo’s ‘Long live the billionaire‘ (from Dylan’s Masters of War)

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