as the lozenge zips across the screen


all our tech
comes with sounds
– a ting, a poink,
…………………….a blue marble
bouncing down
into a small porcelain bowl
on your dresser,
the billowed curtains,
traffic and early cafes,
a wheel of gulls
and the first sunlight across your
still sleeping…

Image: c/- Pixabay, written for Dverse the poets’ pub where De is hosting and wants some zip in our quadrilles (44 word poem). Here’s 99 percent invisible on acoustical engineering of the sound of the artificial world.

14 thoughts on “as the lozenge zips across the screen

      1. Yeah – I remember as a kid we had a game called ‘mousetrap’ – where players gradually constructed a way elaborate device triggered at the last by the silver ball released on high. Hours of fun.

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  1. Of all the gorgeous phrases and images here, I’m completely besotted with “traffic and early cafes”. That brings back a whole flood of memories. And I had a Mousetrap game also; I’m think we might be of the same generation.


  2. Love the way it all works together, Peter, the immediate, its circles with dashes of infinity, at the limit of the accelerating bounce and in the focus of marble, and the image fits perfectly.


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