Hi-ace chijitsu


[there’s some strong language in this one]

You’ve probably seen them stealth-parked behind the amenities, maybe noticed their surreptitious routines: cold showers, pan scraping in water-saving sinks, stains on the bitumen. Inside it’s all incremental grime, having sloughed off the neurosis of clean…

Says: it‘s hard when you’re always being moved on by council or coppers – door-rapping late at night – still groggy – told to fuck right off or beaten just for something to do, standing in your jocks with a torch in your face while they toss your van for reasonable cause — Any drugs in here old man? Ganja? Kiddy porn you filthy old perv? What’d you say cunt?

Rich ones in Winnebagos air-con, foxtel, ensuites and excellent fuel economy; the poor sleep meagre matresses in clapped-out Hi-aces (Dulux over that rusty wheel arch). Bitsa work here and there lawns, fun parks in the summer.

They migrate on hearsay of fair weather and lazy fish.

A daughter back east; wife’s dead (the cancer) or shacked up with some lebo bastard; AVO says I can’t come within a suburb of the very house I paid for while they’re watching porn sitting on my leatherette couch and laughing.

I get jack of it –

Says: fishing, don’t care if I don’t catch…the sea calms my head…I like getting somewhere…I‘ve probably seen more of Australia…once you kick away, it’s easy – a holiday every day a new… something.

it’s freedom mate
after a while, there’s
…no more words,
no need to say

it’s a good driving life,
good enough.

Some idioms in this one:  chijitsu is a Japanese word meaning long spring day or linger in the eveningDulux is a brand of house paint; AVO is an Apprehended Violence Order an order to protect victims of domestic violence when they are fearful of future violence or threats to their safety, also known as restraining orders or protection orders; lebo is derogatory slang for male of Lebanese extraction.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said 116,000 people were homeless on census night in 2016, representing 1 homeless person per 200 people. Most of these were men. 


5 thoughts on “Hi-ace chijitsu

  1. Maybe they weren’t meant that way, but I read these three pieces as being connected through to the present day. This beautiful piece so realistic, painting the whole picture with a few deft brushstrokes. So what hope is there? When this is life, domestic reality, escape, and the truth about planetary destruction isn’t ignored, because you can’t ignore something that you never think about

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