sensitive aquatic features

Kamay Botany Bay

” when (?)
that next chapter of
Australia’s ancient story
began (the most modern)

…it’s incredible.

It’s important that things aren’t ignored or relegated;
that they’re acknowledged.
We can do that (very) sensitive

the many other // parts of this story.

we intend don’t go back and change things:
something, I would think, most Australians
warmly embrace (sensitive).

& no way step back
from acknowledging
the significance of almost 250 years
of what’s really important:

………………………………………the aquatic features
of what occurred, sensitive (and beautiful),
in the Bay directly opposite where The Endeavour
was actually moored.

the other —
what else was on the water at the time { canoes }?
that has to be
(sensitive) ”

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison on the announcement of $50 million funding for a new memorial commemorating the landing of James Cook in The Endeavour, at Botany Bay on 29 April 1770 – as reported in The Weekend Australian April 28-29 2018 (verbatim but ‘slightly’ edited, to better reflect the current Government’s position on reconciliation with Australia’s First People. You can read Scott Morrison’s views on protest featuring other Cook memorials here  Image: the existing memorial at Botany Bay, Maurice van Creij via Wikimedia Commons. And here’s Dumb Things – featuring Paul Kelly and the A. B. Original crew.

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