early morning walk (& erased)

snickers on beach-b&w

after Jane Dougherty

…last night’s tide left weed in lines and crescents. Pufferfish corpses and plastics (pineapple juice tetra-pak, drinking straw, a strawberry condom wrapper, bottle top, chocolate bar, kids toys, take-away containers and more) thaw on the sand…the moon in cream and watercolour mottle balances on the stink pipe…they’re putting lights at this intersection (just last month another crash and that woman) The site is cordoned in high-vis fluoro…runner pounds up the hill dragging her ferocious Pomeranian, his little claws skitter on the pavement, relentless yap…mist gone from the lagoon and the pelicans are fishing en la flotilla: paddle, paddle, paddle and under together: frogs, prawns, fingerlings hoovered into indiscriminate gullets…he leans against the seawall hacking a lung. ‘Water still warm?’ I ask. ‘Ain’t been in yet.’ Toothless he grins the obvious…stands on the edge, waves coming on like houses.

…and the moon has set behind the escarpment of an ordinary day…dog leads me home.

season’s first frost
spangles the early light
grasses crackle underfoot.

& after erasure:

tide crescents and moon mottle;
little claws finger the obvious ordinary day.

My morgenspaziergang. A haibun written for dverse where Bjorn is hosting and asks us to go for a ‘walk’. Jane Dougherty introduced me to erasing the haibun. And here’s outlaw Paul Cauthen with Everybody’s Walking this Land.

20 thoughts on “early morning walk (& erased)

  1. Your haibun has reminded me that I must go down to the sea again – it’s only a short drive away. I’ve been so busy with NaPoWriMo. I love that opening sentence: ‘last night’s tide left weed in lines and crescents’. I don’t think we have quite as much jetsam on our beaches, and we definitely don’t find pufferfish corpses, although we did once find a dead porpoise.What a view you have, though: ‘mist gone from the lagoon and the pelicans are fishing en la flotilla’ – and the haiku is gorgeous!

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  2. For some reason the Pomeranian adds an additional dimension to this fantastic haibun, and the erasure, well, I’m a fan of erasure and found poetry. Yours is perfection. Nicely done, Peter.

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  3. How wonderfully vivid your write of your early morning walk with your dog. So well done.
    Anna :o]


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