The problem of things


take this for inst. This thing
has dimensionality, this thing
has heft but saying what the thing

is, really saying it so you know this thing
as well as I … well, you see? Maybe there’s something
a tint, a tang that realises the whole thing

so you’ll say, ‘Yes exactly.’ Now, no abstract thing
instantiated into a carry-in-your-pocket thing
you’re walking and becoming, as if they’re the same thing.

Thing of beauty, thing that’s useful, useless, nothing but nonetheless thing.

Image: George Seurat, Study for ‘The Channel at Gravelines, Evening‘ Public domain. A bit of silliness on a Sunday afternoon. And for no particular reason (other than I think you’ll like it)  here’s jazz musician Arthur Russell ‎(1951-1992 – he was just 40 years old when he died) with his orchestral composition Tower Of Meaning (1983).


2 thoughts on “The problem of things

  1. Here’s the thing, Peter, I see what I see, and I liked what I saw. As the megacorporations that run the internetted world tell us, we are all so fortunate to be special, and not Frank Sinatra/Radiohead creeps, but individual instantiations. 🦄


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