Just walking through it


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(A golden shovel of Exemptions to the two-person gathering law [NSW] March 2020)


So that this will work
all people: those in the same household
those providing a service
and those procuring that service,
whether moving to new premises
or becoming a vulnerable person,
as well as those who need assistance
to appear before a court or tribunal
(including those who’ve been ID’d at the airport,
spotted on a Greyhound, a liner or any other transportation)…

…all of us need to find some equanimity, a facility
to calm our qualms. Yes, facts are fuzzy and services
doubtful but we need to keep our thoughts in custody
(rein in those brumbies). Pretend to normal business
though only tribunal(s)
and the longueurs of parliament
are in store.

And remember I am with you:

whether at home, at the store
or onsite.

Thou art my staff, and my students
comfort me until normal operations
again. Meanwhile dare dream

of an outdoors space

where 2 or more persons can gather

for the purpose

of just walking through it.

Image: Colorised photo of Sydney School Boys c. 1935. Original photo from the Sam Hood collection c/- State Library of New South Wales, “Home and Away” flic.kr/p/Q2zWyW

3 April 20.

The Exemptions to the two-person gathering law [NSW] March 2020 are a list of 22 exemptions from police prosecution during the current -rona lockdown. A golden shovel is a form invented by American poet Terrance Hayes using the end word of each line of a verse to form a new poem. Here’s his golden shovel to Gwendolyn Brooks  and the original piece – We real cool.

And for something uplifting here’s American Composer Ben Johnston with his String Quartet No. 4 “Amazing Grace


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