O beautiful day



Seriously, there’s still so much to do
winter snows, my joints ache,
eyes too (I’ve a list).

I lean back
and it’s you:
flushed from flapping our sheets
bearing unasked-for treats
(a trace of your perfume)
or late lifting this heavy bloom to gold.

Image: Photo by Aral Tasher on Unsplash – A quadrille for Dverse where Mish is hosting and asks us to write on flush.

And some summery music today (just right for lounging on a the hood of green Chrysler) – here’s Ahmad Jamal with Poinciana from 2014.

15 thoughts on “O beautiful day

  1. your poetry always has the unexpected touch – unpredictable from line to line which makes it so inviting to read. you give your readers an inkling and make us fathom the rest –

    surely an ode to Spring
    “or late lifting this heavy bloom to gold.”


  2. Thank you for sharing this intimate moment, Peter. I especially love the light touch of ‘bearing unasked-for treats’ and the aside, ‘a trace of your perfume’.


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