Slippage (Quadrille)


o my divided soul
astride the tides of time
half inclined to the road, half to heart(h)
cry justice or a carpet for the hall.

one part poet, one part sea-anemone
adrift in the flow
of particles and participles
while unnoticed, moments
slip by.

Image: Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson, The Blue Wave (1917) c/- A quadrille for Dverse where Linda is hosting and asks us to write exactly 44 words on ‘slip’.

And here’s the wonderful Terry Riley with A Rainbow in Curved Air from 1969 no less.



7 thoughts on “Slippage (Quadrille)

  1. The last time I had a full grip on time was early March. I’ve been slipping about since then. And it’s that carpet for the hall that caught my attention. Goodness knows why though.

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  2. This has been where I am, tough and wonderful life comes at me, and competes with writing. It has been so strange. When I write, I feel adrift with all that other demanding my attention, when I turn to life, it is so much of it too strange to take in. goota keep swimming in the particles and participles though.

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